Emergency, Vacation, and One-Time Service

1. We are not currently clients, but are going on vacation or will be away from our home for a period of time. Can you help us when we are gone?

Yes, we do offer vacation packages. Our rates to clear an average driveway, average sized front walkway and steps, and to wipe the snow of one car, are as follows:
  • 1 week $74.00
  • 2 weeks $134.00
  • 4 weeks $229.00
The service you would receive would be similar to the one our regular clients receive, and as such you would also agree to our normal terms and conditions. One of our staff members will visit your property prior to your travel to confirm the driveway and walkway layout, and a receipt will be mailed to you upon payment. We cannot be held liable for scratches to your vehicle, although we would take great care.

The best part is that it doesn't matter how many times it snows while you are gone! If it snows once or five times, you'll be covered.

Please note, that this service is not the same as a 'home-sitter' or 'snowbird' service. Please call us if you have further questions or concerns.

This service is available across most of the Ottawa region. Don't forget to tell your friends and co-workers!

2. Can you clear my driveway as a one-time service or on-call?

Precision does offer a one-time snow clearing service. The rate is $49.00 per call for an average residential property and this includes all applicable taxes.

Commercial lots can be cleared at a rate of $5.00 per minute plus a $25.00 travel fee.

Please note that this service is not available until our contracted clients have been serviced.

This unique service is available throughout most of Ottawa. Please note that this service is subject to our standard terms and conditions, and we cannot be held liable for damage that may occur as we would not have had an opportunity to inspect your property prior to snow accumulation.

If you have been away on a vacation, or have just bought a new property that has considerable snow on the drive or parking area then our commercial plowing rates would apply.

3. Do you have an emergency service or emergency phone number if I have to get out of my drive right away?

Precision does offer an emergency phone number if you need to enter or exit your home in short order. The rate for calling this phone number is $39.00 per call.

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