Find out first hand why our customers are so happy with Precision Snow Removal.

The Glebe, Old Ottawa East, Old Ottawa South

"We will be happy to do business again with you again."
- R.S., The Glebe

"Your fellows did a fine job."
- M.T., The Glebe

"Thank you very much for the wonderful job that you did last year. Your operators are enormously skilled and I enjoy watching the way they make the Bobcats literally dance!"
- A.B., The Glebe

"I'm so delighted, it's just a 'Precision' Team! They work so well together."
- C.W., The Glebe

"Whoa! We just wanted to say a BIG thank-you...!
- E.C., The Glebe

"Thank you for your service. We look forward to dealing with you again next year."
- J.S., The Glebe

"Great job last year."
- D.S., The Glebe

"Thanks! You guys are amazing! Let me know what kind of beer you like & I would like to pick up a case for you!"
- R.J., The Glebe

"Thanks for your service."
- L.C., The Glebe

"Excellent job. See you next year!"
- R.C., The Glebe

"We appreciate the good service we are receiving from you under this contract."
- J.S., The Glebe

"Thank you for the last few years... You guys have always been there at the crack of dawn and have provided wonderful, wonderful service!!!
- M.D, Old Ottawa East

Centretown, Golden Triangle, Little Italy & Chinatown

"Thanks for your good work."
- R.S., Centretown

"Thank you for the great service this year. Last night the city snow plow made an unexpected sweep of my street leaving a bank of packed snow and ice which blocked my lane. After reconciling myself to being housebound for the day, I was pleasantly surprised when you cleared my lane early in the afternoon... I appreciate your help."
- S.W., Centretown

"Thank you for your excellent service as always."
-V.C., Sandy Hill & Centretown.

"Thanks for your excellent service."
- R.S., Centretown

New Edinburgh, Sandy Hill, The Market/Lowertown & Vanier

"Many thanks for your quick response."
- S.R., New Edinburgh

"We are very pleased with your snow removal service."
- H.R., New Edinburgh

"I wish you and your employees a very happy New Year and congratulate you all on your magnificent tackling of the recent unbelievable snowfalls and accumulations. I know the unique challenges you are faced with in Sandy Hill and The Glebe!"
- S.C., Sandy Hill

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your diligent team for the tremendous job you did to keep us plowed out this winter. While there were a few glitches I was pretty impressed by the guys who cleared my driveway. I hope you will pass on my heartfelt thanks."
- B.A., Sandy Hill

"I am very pleased with the snow removal so far. The operator is doing a great job and given the frequency of snow falls, the service is still excellent. Keep it up!"
- M.L., Sandy Hill

"Thank you for the service that your company provided during the winter season."
- T.D., Sandy Hill

"We appreciate your prompt & efficient service."
- R.J., Sandy Hill or The Market

"Many thanks."
- M.C., Vanier

"Thank you Kent & Team."
- D.T., Vanier

Hall of Fame

"I wish to register a complaint. WHY were we not made aware of Precision Group's excellent service BEFORE we bought a useless snowblower ?!?! Kent, please accept and convey our sincere compliments and thanks to your team for the excellent work. It took some serious arm-twisting from my CFO to get this proud DIY'er to agree to farm out our snow removal. Am I ever glad she did! You guys make our life so much easier. Thanks!"
- G.M., Old Ottawa East