Company History / Overview

Precision first started operating in 1992. The owner, Kent Peddie, was enrolled at Queen's University in Political Studies and thought that installing interlocking pavers would be a good summer business! This challenging student job quickly became a full time venture and over the past 18 seasons it turned into his passion. In his words, "If you enjoy your job, you'll never work a day in your life! Carpe Diem!"

Kent has spent many years researching the most durable and innovative techniques for constructing landscapes. His integrity and hard work has made the Precision name trusted and respected throughout the Ottawa area.

Precision Landscape Group Inc. has supported many associations and organizations. We are members and support:

Greater Ottawa Water Garden Society The Snow and Ice Management Association
Greater Ottawa Water Garden Horticultural Society The Snow and Ice Management Association
A non-profit association. North America wide association for snow removal professionals

A Personal Note from Kent Peddie, President of Precision Landscape Group

Precision Landscape Group Inc. is entering its eighteenth season of business. We design, construct, and maintain landscapes throughout the Ottawa area. We have built over 500 landscapes in the area to date. In the winter months our focus switches to clearing snow for hundreds of customers in the urban Ottawa area.

Many of our employees have formal backgrounds in horticulture, or have years of experience building landscapes, and are constantly updating their skills and knowledge. We use the industries' finest tools and equipment to ensure that all of our projects are built and maintained to the highest standards. We are fully insured, have a top rating with the Worker's Safety and Insurance Board and hold all applicable licenses.

It is very difficult to specialize in all facets of landscaping. However, we have accomplished this task by constantly upgrading our skills, attending seminars and workshops throughout the year, and hiring excellent employees.

Precision is a medium sized landscaping firm which utilizes 5-6 people in our landscape construction projects, and over 25 in the winter season clearing snow. We are extremely happy with the outcome of our work and as such look forward to each day and each job with energy and enthusiasm.

I look forward to hearing from you, and please enjoy our web site.

Kent Peddie
Precision Landscape Group Inc.

Contact Us

Office: 613-721-6337
Fax: 613-721-6337
Email: info@precisiongroup.ca

What We Do

Precision Landscape Group Inc. began operating in 1992 and branched into snow removal in 1995. Since that time Precision has built up an excellent reputation as a leader in snow removal in Ottawa's urban neighbourhoods.

Our fleet of skid-steer, ('Bobcat'), loaders are the right tools for the job of clearing snow for narrow drives and challenging parking areas.

At Precision Snow Removal we are dedicated to excellence and strive to be the industry leader. We realize that our teams' dedication to prompt and quality service builds mutual rewarding relationships with our clients. These relationships strengthen our company and promise growth and opportunity for our people. Our goal is to continually raise the bar in every aspect of our business by providing the best possible snow removal service. In doing so, we ensure the success and well being of our clients and our organization.

Equipment Used

Using proper snow clearing equipment is critical to a successful snow removal business. Thanks to our fleet of skid steer loaders, 'Bobcats', we are able to manage difficult driveways and parking lots in Ottawa's older neighbourhoods.

Service Process

1. Initial Contact
Develop an understanding of our prospective client's requirements and wishes. Determine if we are the right company to handle their snow removal.

2. Site Inspection
Visit the site and inspect for any unusual or difficult areas or circumstances.

3. Contract Proposal
Prepare a contact proposal and send it my mail. If accepted, our client would sign it, and mail it back to our office with either post-dated cheques, or their credit card number for processing.

4. Final Preparations
In early November, the properties will be inspected by the manager and skid steer operator. Driveway markers will be installed to assist crews throughout the winter. Special signs saying "Pile Snow Here" or "No Snow Here" are often installed in parking lots that could cause confusion.

Final preparations are made refining our clients' service requirements, and revising our route lists, automatic phone call and email notification systems, and all other strategies.

5. Snow Alerts
We try to notify our clients of any impending storms and our proposed snow storm management strategy. We do this by emailing our clients ahead of time. Phone calls are made to our customers as we get closer to our commencement, during a storm, and after a storm. This is done for many reasons, such as giving our valued customers an increased opportunity to move their vehicles prior to our arrival.

6. Dispatch Crew
Our skid-steer operators and snowblowing crews are dispatched at various times depending on the type and speed of storm, and the time of day. The timing of our operations is one of the most challenging facets to our business; the dispatch times are critical!

7. Monitor Service
Precision office staff and managers monitor all of our crews by real-time GPS and site inspections. We monitor the City's road plowing activity to try to determine the best time for our crews to revisit to remove the 'city snow ridge'.

8. Service Quality
The quality of our crews' work is inspected to ensure our high standards of service are being met.

9. Evaluation of Service
We review and evaluate our management of each snow event and implement improvements when necessary.

Effective Communications Strategies

When severe weather hits, you want to know that your snow removal firm is prepared and ready for action. As we understand that communication with our customers is critical to the success of our company, we have recently expanded our communications strategy.

Over the years we have learned that our clients are very appreciative and supportive if we are able to communicate our strategy for tackling an impending storm. Furthermore, many of our clients park in their driveway, and as a result we are not able to clear the entire driveway upon our arrival. As a result, we are now able to call you or email you before a snow event to let you know our approximate timing.

Our office also has an increased capacity to handle incoming phone calls during a storm. We strive to create enduring business relationships with all our clients and work every day to be the most responsive snow removal company working in your neighborhood.

Environmental Policy

Precision Landscape Group prides itself on its environmental policies and initiatives. We continue to identify ways that we can reduce our environmental impact. This work spans our office, shop and fleet of equipment.

For example, our office recycles all shredded paper, batteries, printer cartridges and light bulbs. Excess shop lubricants are recycled, and our skid-steers and plow trucks are monitored by GPS for excessive idling.